Saturday, March 9, 2013

He Don't PLAY!

This is a bloody rasslin' battle between two big ol' Bear-Daddies!

Mmnnnn-mnnn! Look at Puff Daddy's fine ass in those tights!
Oh come on now, Super know you is easy!
Playing hard-to-get is part of the game with you.
He's hiding...but you seeking...
it's gonna be all right.

But they really need more zippers in these outfits
for convenience. Whatever happened to 'easy access?'

"I like it when they fight back, bitch.
You were the best I ever had.
Definitely worth leaving for last.
And you really know how to give head."

(Okay, well, the guy was decapitated, but
you know....there's always a joke in there!)


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