Monday, December 23, 2013

Now we know WHY it was a 'Secret Society!'

More backside action
than in an ATL-filmed rap video.

More tail than a warren
full of rabbits.

More crack than a whole city
worth of sidewalks.

More cheek than an
episode of Downton Abbey.

Grab it and growl, boyz!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Superman's J.O. Buddy

Yes, because 'putting the Hyper-masculine primary figure
in roped bondage while half-naked leopard men
do the tethering and his purple-spandex-clad buddy
comes flying in to help' is a great response to the
'questionable' nature of a fictional figure's relationship!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cap' that Iron Ass

Tony gets rough with his man Cap.
That armor can't protect you from love, Tony!
Stop fighting it, girl!

Now quit acting like you don't like it rough, Steve.
You're just upset he trashed y'all's make-out couch.
Memories are special, fragile things.

Ooh, chile; now Miss Acrobat Steve, we knew you could grab
your own ankles, but your man's, too? Kinky!
You GO boy!

That boy is on fire; Flame ON!
Scream like a bitch!
(He like it when you make noise!)

Brutalized and's hot, but it ain't right.
You don't have to deal with all that abuse, Steve.
Somewhere there's a man who will give you sweet,
calm, good loving. Without the bruises.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

"But what would you DO with it!?!?"

Now you know in the real world, Henry Pym would
be a millionaire for his patented success with penile
enlargement capsules...but, hey..
Yes, everything gets bigger on a Pym-particles man.
"You all look so small down there!"
"Yeah, well, we can tell your religion from down here...
not that anyone's complaining!"
Can you imagine the show if Giant Man
had a 'Skeet skeet skeet!" party?
Looks like a snowstorm,
feels like a glue factory exploded!
Here's to shadowy cock outlines
and giant penis..penises...penii?
Oh, well...big dicks, nonetheless!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hissy-Fit Titty-Twister

(Everything is clear when you wear green spandex
and green Lycra, sweetheart!)

Oooh! He gonna use them
straps to take charge. (Is it significant that a giant
cigar is being lit up at the same moment Lex is 'taking charge?')

I know goatees are comfortable,
but that little fake ass moustache is troubling me.

Alas, as long as he's gripped tight and
held down. Secure his bald ass.

Gonna be some Vaseline and razor blades up
in this mutha fucka!

Flex it, bust loose, don't take no orders--
show him who's boss!

Mmmnn...double-fisted action...
pound that head!

It's getting rough--
but The Wizard looks like
he's enjoying getting played.

He's completely wet and dripping.
Guess it's time to smoke that cigar now.


Monday, July 8, 2013

Yes....the answer is 'Yes.'

EVERYthing got its little
Super-Soldier enhancement on.

Bucky didn't die--
he got shoved down the front of
Cap's pants.
(Well, it was his favorite place to be.)

Forget the flagpole--we
got someplace to carry that flag right here.

Bring an extra helmet.

Hawkeye can find that target easy enough.

Nobody needs to tell Cap to
stand at attention!


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Who's the Super-man NOW ?!?

Ooh...scrawny pup makes minced meat
out of savage bears!

There's a reason why Supes' nether-regions
are not pictured on the cover!

Oh, look, one brute is even tapping out.

He really wanna tap that Ginger Root.

Big Vs. Small;
you never know who's coming out on top!