Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cap' that Iron Ass

Tony gets rough with his man Cap.
That armor can't protect you from love, Tony!
Stop fighting it, girl!

Now quit acting like you don't like it rough, Steve.
You're just upset he trashed y'all's make-out couch.
Memories are special, fragile things.

Ooh, chile; now Miss Acrobat Steve, we knew you could grab
your own ankles, but your man's, too? Kinky!
You GO boy!

That boy is on fire; Flame ON!
Scream like a bitch!
(He like it when you make noise!)

Brutalized and submissive...it's hot, but it ain't right.
You don't have to deal with all that abuse, Steve.
Somewhere there's a man who will give you sweet,
calm, good loving. Without the bruises.

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