Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hissy-Fit Titty-Twister

(Everything is clear when you wear green spandex
and green Lycra, sweetheart!)

Oooh! He gonna use them
straps to take charge. (Is it significant that a giant
cigar is being lit up at the same moment Lex is 'taking charge?')

I know goatees are comfortable,
but that little fake ass moustache is troubling me.

Alas, as long as he's gripped tight and
held down. Secure his bald ass.

Gonna be some Vaseline and razor blades up
in this mutha fucka!

Flex it, bust loose, don't take no orders--
show him who's boss!

Mmmnn...double-fisted action...
pound that head!

It's getting rough--
but The Wizard looks like
he's enjoying getting played.

He's completely wet and dripping.
Guess it's time to smoke that cigar now.


Monday, July 8, 2013

Yes....the answer is 'Yes.'

EVERYthing got its little
Super-Soldier enhancement on.

Bucky didn't die--
he got shoved down the front of
Cap's pants.
(Well, it was his favorite place to be.)

Forget the flagpole--we
got someplace to carry that flag right here.

Bring an extra helmet.

Hawkeye can find that target easy enough.

Nobody needs to tell Cap to
stand at attention!