Saturday, March 16, 2013

Turnaround: Work for Hire

A big ol' brawny ruffian
(we all know what their story ends up being!)
wants to hassle the little guy.

Blaming the object of his affection for
bringing about his desire...
oh, the life of a man in deep denial.

He finds his mark, and wants some
privacy with the boy so he can have his way. intimidating.

The cop arrives and instead of protecting the
boy, he pays off super-stud to be willing to
engage in some risky behavior.

Give that boy a leg up (giggle)
on his competition...
just to give the law a show.

The brute can't handle the boy's enhancements...

But we all know he's secretly enjoying the gives him the closeness
without his secrets being revealed!

(And he does look so good down on his knees!)
Who's the jobber now, heel?


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