Friday, March 1, 2013

'Flash' A Little Tail For Us! (not too quickly!)

I'm not sayin' there was a conspiracy
or anything, but the DC character The Flash
was definitely the lead-man in the "Get on your
stomach and show me something!" role in the
"JLA/Avengers" mini-series.

Oh, you know how, Barry!
You like that frottage friction, son!

And we sure like seeing those firm buns of yours.
Running surely gives a man a nice ass.

Here he tries to no avail to get the attention of two
Avengers while he's got it propped up high and proud.

But Hawkeye likes the rough stuff; he doesn't need
some passive repository. And ol' Tony has a built-in
massager, so he's good.

Meanwhile Flash is stuck without Hal to take him camping
and he's become quite distraught.


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