Friday, February 22, 2013

Orange Chain-mail & Green Lycra is HAWT!

So, three beefy, massive black guys are walking
along the beach, sharing their dining habits and how
'no one can beat it' and his 'buds are tingling already,'
and you might think they're shoving a six-inch in their mouths,
but--let's face it, these are black guys--so you know it
has to be foot-longs.

And isn't it cute they're all wearing little matching lime green shirts
and dark green bike shorts! Spandex, hurray!

So then they catch these two cute numbers
dressed up in rubber fetish completism, having their way with Aquaman,
who's in a state of ecstasy; just look at that staff pointing straight up!

They immediately feel left out, and decide they're going to
join in on the action...because as we all know, there
isn't any kind of gay action going on in professional sports!
(Wink wink, nudge nudge!)

They bout to get wet with Aquaman....


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