Friday, February 8, 2013


A part of me wonders if  "Terra-Man" isn't secretly a
member of a Villains-for-Hire squad known as the
Village People.
 (To be fair--that refers to any incarnation of this fella!)

So, we'd also have Wet-man (possibly a Lifeguard,)
and Flame-Man (an effemenate fire-fighter, naturally,)
and there'd be Air-Man (a super-fine, uniformed
Air Force Captain--oh, throw a rock, honey!)
and then for good measure maybe Shock-Man
(a lineman for the electric company, good at
riding those poles!)

Cowboy motif....
pony tail and 1970's clone mustache...
tight-fitting leathers ...and a whole buncha
mechanical horse power strapped to his legs.

Likes to see his opponents sweat and
tie them up. Come on!

Still and all...
I'm very turned on.
As I was evidently intended to be!


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