Monday, April 8, 2013 your brazen slings and arrows.

Looks like it's time for the latest installment of "Incestible."

Two regular Joes, a father-son bonding session....
back in the good old days when the buff, surly Daddy
finally made some time for his awkward stick-figure son....
so long as they were wearing spandex and getting sweaty together.

But you know the 'Good Times' never last!

"Oh, don't get to play both sides!
I know you've started sleeping with Mom again.
Jeremy Irons warned me you wouldn't be
a legitimate hookup. <sob!>"

(("Since I can't get the boy to give up the goods
any more, I guess I'll have to settle for day-old fish. Ah, well...
any port in a storm I guess!
He'll come around."))

(("That's right, you simple fool...little do you realize this is all
part of my plan to seduce you...Ruffie you if need be...
and thus make the old man jealous! He won't be able to
stand it when he discovers someone else has cracked my textbook!"))

Ahh, family life.
Always a soap opera.


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